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Essential Dos and Don’ts for Brides on their Wedding Day

It’s the big day – the day of your Indian wedding in Phuket. You’re probably nervous, and who wouldn’t be? This might well be the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child. Absolutely everything simply must go right! It’s arguably the most important day of your life and you’ve already invested a lot of blood, sweat, tears and cash into it. Here are a few essential, last-minute points to remember to help you properly enjoy the day.

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  • Start the day with some upbeat music to get you in the mood! You’re going to need that energy to carry you through the whole day.
  • Confirm the time for the photo shoot with your photographer. You certainly don’t want either them or you to be stood around waiting.
  • Get as much prepared for your make-up artists before they arrive. Anything that saves a second or two of their time will give you more flexibility (and less stress) with the rest of your Indian wedding in Phuket.
  • Use the bathroom before the make-up artists gets started. They might take a while and you don’t want to be uncomfortable for all that time.
  • Eat something before you start getting dressed up. You’ll need the energy but you certainly don’t need the stains!
  • Spend some quality time with your bridesmaids, family, pets – whoever and whatever is most important to you. You might not have much time to spare for them during the rest of the day.


  • Don’t deviate from your planned wedding look. Now is certainly not the time to be experimenting and adding complications to a day you’ve been planning for months.
  • Don’t invite too many people into your bridal room. Give the make-up artists space to do their thing and minimise distractions to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Don’t try to be super-bride. If you try to do too much at once, you risk a creating more problems than you could possibly solve. You’ve done all the preparation you could – just roll with what you’ve got and enjoy your Indian wedding in Phuket.
  • Don’t wash your hair on the wedding day. It might make the hair stylist’s job more challenging than necessary. If they decide it needs washing, they’ll have the supplies to do it how they need it done.
  • Don’t eat anything oily. It might make you uncomfortable later.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. You’re going to be on your feet almost all day, so shoes that look good but feel like torture will get very annoying very quickly.
  • Most importantly, don’t panic! Don’t allow your day to be spoilt by negativity.

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