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What You Need to Know When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

An Indian wedding in Phuket is certainly memorable, but the thing about memories is that they eventually fade. Having photos of your big day to look back on is an essential part of the whole process, and your guests will look forward to seeing the photographer’s handiwork and remembering the great time they had celebrating your union. However, picking the right photographer is also one of the tougher decisions you’ll need to make in planning your wedding. Here are a few things to look out for.

What kind of photography do they do?

You might think that “wedding photographer” covers your requirements pretty clearly, but you’d be wrong. Photography is a very nuanced art. There’s traditional wedding photography, which involves mostly posed shots, with the photographer directing people into their places. This tends to be cheaper and has the benefit of making sure that everyone is in at least one shot, but it also looks and feels fake. It doesn’t really capture the day.

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At the other end of the spectrum is candid wedding photography. These are the folks who hunt around your Indian wedding in Phuket, looking for spontaneous action, capturing emotions and experiences in a much more realistic way. The results can be fantastic, if the photographer knows what they’re doing. However, it takes a lot of skill and practise, which translates into a higher cost for you. In either case, you need to decide on the style of shots you want and find a photographer to suit your needs.

Can they work with a videographer?

If you’re also hoping to have a video of the big day, then not only do you have to think about the style of videography they’re going to capture, but you need to find a team that works well together. Photographers and videographers are often looking for roughly the same angles and, if the two of them are antagonistic, they’ll spend the day competing with each other, block the other’s shot at pivotal moments.

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What details will they need?

Before you start searching for a photographer, you’re going to need to prepare some essential information for them. They’ll want to know how many guests you’re having, what the venue’s like, when the date is, if you want photos of all of the ceremonies, and so on. Having these prepared will save you time later.

What is their past work like?

The best way to get the most out of your wedding photographer is to play to their strengths. Take the time to study the work of those that fit into your budget. If it’s the kind of photos you like, they’re the person you want at your Indian wedding in Phuket. If you pay more attention to their invoice than their portfolio, you’re more likely to end up disappointed.

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