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Indian wedding in Phuket, Kanjeevaram Saree

How to Maintain Your Kanjeevaram Saree

With the Kanjivareem saree a long-standing tradition of weddings and formal events, it’s important not just to have one in your wardrobe, but also to look after it. Once you’ve had your Indian wedding in Phuket, you need to keep it looking gorgeously fresh and new. You put so much effort into finding a good one, so you don’t want to let it be destroyed by poor maintenance after just one use. Here are a few tips on how to correctly store your Kanjivareem for future use.

Wash it right

Once you’ve got home from your Indian wedding in Phuket (and the subsequent honeymoon), you’ll need to give your Kanjivareem saree a good wash. To keep it in its best condition, give it three washes with cold water, then add just a little shampoo for the fourth. Do not use harsh detergents or brushes because they will ruin the delicate fabric. Alternatively, you could dry-clean it to avoid having to go through quite so much work.

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Dry it right

On no account should you wring your saree dry because it will leave permanent wrinkles and distort the fabric. Instead, roll it in a dry towel and let it air dry on a padded hanger out of direct sunlight. Do not iron it, either.

Store it right

It’s best to fold your Kanjivareem saree inwards so as to protect its sheem, especially if it’s made of silk. Always wrap it in muslin or cotton cloth – not plastic. Muslin is definitely the preferred choice as it will keep your saree in better condition, but cotton is acceptable if you can’t get muslin. To keep it safe against moths, be sure to store it with some neem leaves. You should also get a couple of packs of silica gel to keep it dry and avoid fungus growing. Do not use naphthalene balls or any kind of spray-on air fresheners as their chemicals will discolour your saree. To further avoid losing those beautiful colours, make sure you store it in a dark, dry place, out of reach of sunlight.

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Maintain it right

Unfortunately, you can’t just put your saree at the back of a wardrobe and forget about it until the next time you need to attend an Indian wedding in Phuket. If you do that, you’ll find the folds have become permanent creases and the saree has a musty smell to it. You’ll need to take it out to air in a shady room every three months to maintain its peak quality, then change the folding before you put it back into storage.

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