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Indian Wedding, Wedding in Phuket

5 Tips for Planning an Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding in Phuket – or even in India, for that matter – is a notoriously complicated thing to plan. There are so many little details to consider, each considered as pivotal as the last. Assuming everything goes according to plan, it will certainly be the happiest day of your life, but the road to that day will be a long and arduous one. We’ve got a few tips to help you make that journey a little smoother.

Ease into it

As I just said, there’s a lot to consider. Jumping into it head-first in a ‘sink or swim’ approach will have you very quickly fighting for breath under a tide of choices to make, each of which could make or break your big day. Instead, ease into it gradually. Start with the important choices and work your way down to the little details, communicating with the important parties the whole way. Also, prepare yourself for the mid-plan freak-out, because everyone goes through it!

Plan your plan

If you start by solving the little, easy issues first and keep away from the big decisions, you’ll soon find that your Indian wedding in Phuket is massively over budget, with no money left for the important stuff. Similarly, if you try to take every decision at once, you’ll swiftly find yourself overwhelmed. Instead, plan out your plan. List the things you need to consider and decide on, prioritise them and then work through the list from the top to the bottom at a steady, even pace.

Prepare for opinions

Indian weddings generally involve a lot of important guests, particularly including your immediate family and friends. That means a lot of people giving you their opinion on what is best for you and your partner. Each will almost certainly deliver their opinion with the self-assurance that makes it seem more like an instruction than an option, with dire warnings that the day will be ruined if you don’t take their advice. However, you need to remember that the day is ultimately about you and your partner and what worked well for one person might not work for another. Thank each person for their advice, take it into consideration, but don’t act on anything you don’t passionate agree with.

Remember the big picture

In many ways, an Indian wedding in Phuket is a negotiation. Planning it certainly is as the major stakeholders (your parents and those of your partners) will certainly have a say in what happens. Sadly, their advice and opinions do need to be listened to and considered, since causing a family rift at this early stage of your marriage will make the rest of your life a misery. Be open-minded, and remember that the day is about a marriage of two families, not just two people. Some battles are worth losing, for the benefit of the bigger picture.

Indian Wedding, Phuket Beach Wedding

Don’t cut important corners

With all those little details we mentioned earlier comes a not-so-little price tag. The price of an Indian wedding in Phuket can very quickly spiral well beyond your budget and the temptation is to start cutting corners and trying to save on the biggest, most expensive parts. Unfortunately, there are some essential areas where a small saving makes a huge difference – and not a good one. Instead, consider trying to save money in other areas of your life to pour more money into the wedding. It’ll show on the day, and will help make it feel extra-special. After all, it’s not like you get an experience like this every day!

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