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How to Tell Your Parents You Want a Small Indian Wedding

The words “small” and “Indian wedding” don’t naturally go together – it’s just not the mental image that comes immediately to mind. However, if you’re planning an Indian wedding in Phuket, small might be necessary. Simple logistics means that getting hundreds of people to Thailand, all staying at the same venue all at once, will be virtually impossible. But how do you break this news to your families, who will naturally be expecting the traditional big and elaborate event?

Appeal to their emotions

Who doesn’t like a bit of flattery? You should start by explaining that you only want the people that mean the most to you at your wedding (which naturally includes them). Add that each person will contribute to the vibe of the day and that, if it’s restricted to the people you know and love the most, the day will be that much more lovely.

Appeal to their emotions, Indian Wedding

Simple logistics

As we said right at the start of this page, choosing to have an Indian wedding in Phuket adds certain practical considerations when it comes to the size of the ceremony. Not everyone will be able to organise their free time, flights and hotels in order to attend and they might feel bad if they’re not able to do so. Sadly, this argument comes with the rather obvious counter-argument of suggesting that you don’t have your wedding in Thailand.

Health and wellness

Your parents will probably remember the stress they went through in the run-up to their own wedding. The chances are that they wouldn’t wish such horrors on their worst enemy, let alone their own kin. Additionally, they (your parents) will have some formalities to take care of in the planning process, which will be significantly reduced if it’s a smaller ceremony.

parents health and wellness, wedding in phuket


If you need to make a compromise, you can suggest having a separate reception, which can include the big party. This can act as a bargaining token, allowing you to keep to a small and intimate Indian wedding in Phuket.

Appeal to their wallet

A smaller wedding means a smaller bill. Explaining that you would rather save the money for your future instead of frittering it away on inviting people you barely know to your wedding is a very strong and compelling argument. If you can come up with a solid investment plan and a clear explanation of exactly where the money you save would go to, it’ll make the argument significantly stronger.

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